a mixed bag of a day

last wednesday night i decided that i would skip school and go skiing. i called up a crew and decided to meet at half 7 the next day. i met will first and then we picked up matt. after a quick petrol stop we were off on the road. we were all stoked and getting buck to flocka when i rounded a corner and saw a cheeky police car hidden. i jammed on the breaks but i wasnt fast enough, the red and blues flashed signaling me to pull over. as i came to a stop the officer came over to me and asked if i knew how fast i was going to which i replied “duno officer maybe 110 or 120?” he said “118” and then continued to lecture me on speeding and how i shouldnt drive with passengers on my restricted licence. in the end he said that i will just do you for the speeding and that my ticket will be in the mail soon. then he let us continue off to our bounteous playground that is mt hutt.

when we got to the access rd the legacy showed off yet again why subaru won so many wrc’s. passing  2wd’s and trucks alike we were ripping.

we reached the carpark and got our shit together then headed up the lifts had a few war up runs then me and will headed off on the guided tour down the saddle chutes. matt joined us on our second lap.

will taking a slash down the saddle chutes

after the last guided tour we took a few hot laps on one of which (the last one) i decided to do a lincoln loop off a wind lip in chair bowl and landed on my left shoulder causing it to dislocate. this being my 5th dislocated shoulder but my first one since surgery and first dislocation of the left side. patrol came took me down in the blood bath and into the medical room where i huffed laughing gas for 15 minutes while they put traction on my arm trying to relocate my shoulder. eventually it popped and with a bit of paper work we were good to go. now im in a sling for two weeks and the rest of my season is uncertain.

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