shitty snow kinda fun weekend

so yeah i was keen to get back on snow for the first time since wanaka unfortunately most of the snow up at hutt (and the rest of new zealand for that matter) had melted away due to the rain. i wake up super early on saturday and am like dope i can try out my ninthwards today for the first time ever. so i chuck them on the roof of the legendary legacy along with the good old iceys and head up. on the way to the hill i am passed by these dickheads who think they are hard cunts in their trucks when it comes to getting up the hill the mighty suby hauls arse passed them leaving them in its dust. in true ninthward and first drop team fashion i continue to get ignant up the access road. when im halfway up i see a pajero and i think shit nigga i know this truck. sure enough i pull up beside it and its none other than charlie, weas, jamesa and ollie my homies, and they are like “yeah we saw this cloud of dust and were like wow this guys hussing and then we saw that it was a red legacy and reaslised it was mclean.” so then they pulled in front of me and began doing snakies which got me stoked, then charlie waved me forward and i continued my rally to the car park. shit was dope. went and chilled in the cafe for a while then hit the slopes with my home boy moyle jammed a few runs then met up with the pajero crew after a few more hot laps through the big park and deciding that the last jump was shit we met up with pat greene and pengelly. to everyones stoke george did gnarly stuff on the jumps he even gave josh a trick tip on how to do cork 3s “just carve and then boop” there we go short and sweet trick tips with pengell. had a few runs doing some dirt nasty tricks. hit up the cafe. hussed some more park runs on the quad. then it was time to go home. 


day 2 had to get up early again to meet weas and his mum to drop us off at mcewwings to meet josh and jackson and joshs mum for a ride. in typical jackson fashion he was late to joshs causing a chain of events to make everyone else late by the time they got to mcewwings. headed up the hill did some skiing mainly straight airs (shiftys and kosaks) on all jumps including the second that was close for some unknown reason. talked to the park crew who also thought that the 3rd jump was a piece of shit. did some more skiing. got bored and packed up. then all of a suden we had this idea that was gangsta as shit, roll rocks down the gully below the car park. that shit kept us entertained for a good twenty minutes then we decided to call it a day. allthough on the way down we saw a rock teetering on the edge of the road and had no choice but to make mich stop the car and we rolled it down the mountain side there were hoots and hollers all round. after that we couldnt look at a rock on the access road the same way again.


to sum up it was a pretty mean weekend jamed some skids, hit some jumps, few cheeky jibs aswell and then rolled rocks down the hill i guess my blog post could of just been that…

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