snow park stuntin’

recently i have a a few complaints about my grammar and spelling and shit so how about all of you with a problem stop drinking that hater aid

yo so on tuesday afternoon i packed up all my shit (excluding my sleeping bag and some other important things) and headed into town to meet jackson and josh for our loose as hood nigga trip to spnz. we were also good cunts and went and picked up ollie and his mate james who were also heading down to the mighty town of wanaka. as soon as i got in the car i started making chug life and edit references in fact as of now i am banned from talking about and watching btv3 the new zealand gillahouse edition within ear shot of jackson or josh because they now have waka flocka and gucci mane stuck in their heads. when we got down to wanaka we tried to find where ollie and james were staying en route to their accomadation we passed niger street to which i decided that he was staying in the rough part of wans and proceded to sing in the ghetto. after dropping the others off we headed off to our camp ground only to find out that our cabin wasnt even 4m by 4m we were ropable. i would post a picture of how small it is in the cabin but i dont have a lens wide enough! we skiied wednesday from open to close, thursday ten til close and finally on friday i got out the camera and started taking shots.

yeah spnz is a dope place

we ran into the infamous pengelly up at spnz got the chance to get some shots with him

the realest!
george cork 3

jay mezzy getting some corkage on his 3’zzzz

george getting some more corked 3s done

no idea who this homie was but hes a muthafuckin’ gangsta

josh getting er done on da stairset

jackson sliding some metal over stairs

george having a jam aswell

the woolshed is pretty cool, its an on field restaurant and i tell ya what the wedges there a mean as and the fish and chips cant be beat

angus coming straight outa compton wit a back 5 indy

yeah i only took shots one day at snowpark so it would be hard to put a story in without more pictures but i will give a long story short snowpark is sick like kids from 3rd world countries that early bird seasons pass i got for 150 dollars probably the best 150 dollars i ever spent. i intend to work there next year and never grow up!

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