powder day at mt hutt

so sunday the 24th of june i wake up and ask jonty what the report is like for hutt he replies with “25 cm of freshies bro” to which i said “fuck of cunt let me see this” he turns the laptop round for me to read the report and i see that he wasnt joking. we have a frenzy to get all of our gear on and the truck packed. we roll out via joshs of corse to pick him and his mrs, sian up. all the way to the mountains we tare into each other mainly me and sian though. she brought me down a few notches but i think i took her down more. we arrived at the road and jonty starts to play cypress hill to which his dad is stoked and starts singing. when we reached the car park patrol could be heard letting off bombs up at towers. this ment there would be mean as powder to be skied. it took a while for mt hutt to open up the summit six chair but in the mean time de-iced the base area rail and jammed on that after park crew okayed our fine job.

josh billygoated the rail as he had been there the friday before jamming on it while the rest of us were at school, tech or work
photo credit Alex Bowater

i also had a go on the rail all i managed to get on it was a front 2 out
photo credit Alex Bowater

jackson on the other hand absolutley killed it managing to get k-feds and front 4s out
photo credit Alex Bowater

after a mean session on the rail it was back to the cafe where we waited for the chair to open. eventually it did and i met up with weas jamesa and charlie again. these three big mountain rippers were off in search of some gnarly terrain, this could only mean a trip to one place, top towers. after a few runs scoping some drops we decided we could hit them or even trick them if we were game enough.

jamesa ripping a floaty 3 off a cheeky rock
photo credit Josh Moyle

weas charging off the same drop
photo credit Josh Moyle

yours truely doing some george pengelly shit and flat 3ing some rocks
photo credit Josh Moyle

charlie droping of the bigger rocks above. with the rest of the crew getting buck on the take off
Photo credit Josh Moyle

kenji deciding that if mclean can do it anyone can allthough he was more graceful in the air he just couldnt stomp it and had to eat his words
Photo credit Josh Moyle

wease boosting a 3 and nearly hitting the josh
Photo credit Josh Moyle

jack getting the grab on his 3
photo credit Josh Moyle

and jamesa thuggin out his
photo credit Josh Moyle

all up mean sessions were had and the day left all the boys stoking for more skiing the next time

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