wednesday of snow

after a long off season filled with all sorts of antics winter has finally arrived. i took advantage of this first storm by telling my parents that i was going to school while i went to pick up charlie, wease and jamesa we loaded up the legacy, called in sick to school and headed off to the high country.

after driving all the way to the cross roads that go to either coalgate, coleridge or rakaia gorge i let charlie have a drive and we continued out towards his batch at coleridge.

upon arrival it really hit us with how much snow there was

jamesa was so stoked he jumped for joy

the legacy was in her element but had no idea what was about to happen next

we went inside and disgusted what we were going to do, after coming to the conclusion that it wouldnt be smart to take the gravel back roads to castle hill in the snow we decided that tow skiing would be a great idea.
we tow skied for a while but then that got boring so the legacy got its chance to make fresh tracks in the untouched powder

we got it stuck more than once

especially when we got onto the tennis court all the wheels would do is spin. it took us a good half hour to get the car unstuck. then we tow skied back to the batch. only to see that the snow had doubled in depth on the picnic table

good 50 cm of fresh

charlie threw up gang signs to let the locals know who was boss

just to give you an idea how deep it really was

we had a feed and then locked up the batch.

we were heading home but the fun was far from over

we couldnt resist driving full speed into a snowbank

the suby wanted more

the old girl is just like a coke feen with white powder all over her nose

wease stunted a little

then i stunted some more

this was our view as we departed

all up we were all pretty stoked with our day and to top it all off we went and hit the hoyts rail with jacksons winch with moyle, bowie, jackson and angus.

as a consequence for not telling my parents where i went all day and having them find out my keys were taken off me

also made the news that night

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