a mixed bag of a day

last wednesday night i decided that i would skip school and go skiing. i called up a crew and decided to meet at half 7 the next day. i met will first and then we picked up matt. after a quick petrol stop we were off on the road. we were all stoked and getting buck to flocka when i rounded a corner and saw a cheeky police car hidden. i jammed on the breaks but i wasnt fast enough, the red and blues flashed signaling me to pull over. as i came to a stop the officer came over to me and asked if i knew how fast i was going to which i replied “duno officer maybe 110 or 120?” he said “118” and then continued to lecture me on speeding and how i shouldnt drive with passengers on my restricted licence. in the end he said that i will just do you for the speeding and that my ticket will be in the mail soon. then he let us continue off to our bounteous playground that is mt hutt.

when we got to the access rd the legacy showed off yet again why subaru won so many wrc’s. passing  2wd’s and trucks alike we were ripping.

we reached the carpark and got our shit together then headed up the lifts had a few war up runs then me and will headed off on the guided tour down the saddle chutes. matt joined us on our second lap.

will taking a slash down the saddle chutes

after the last guided tour we took a few hot laps on one of which (the last one) i decided to do a lincoln loop off a wind lip in chair bowl and landed on my left shoulder causing it to dislocate. this being my 5th dislocated shoulder but my first one since surgery and first dislocation of the left side. patrol came took me down in the blood bath and into the medical room where i huffed laughing gas for 15 minutes while they put traction on my arm trying to relocate my shoulder. eventually it popped and with a bit of paper work we were good to go. now im in a sling for two weeks and the rest of my season is uncertain.

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shitty snow kinda fun weekend

so yeah i was keen to get back on snow for the first time since wanaka unfortunately most of the snow up at hutt (and the rest of new zealand for that matter) had melted away due to the rain. i wake up super early on saturday and am like dope i can try out my ninthwards today for the first time ever. so i chuck them on the roof of the legendary legacy along with the good old iceys and head up. on the way to the hill i am passed by these dickheads who think they are hard cunts in their trucks when it comes to getting up the hill the mighty suby hauls arse passed them leaving them in its dust. in true ninthward and first drop team fashion i continue to get ignant up the access road. when im halfway up i see a pajero and i think shit nigga i know this truck. sure enough i pull up beside it and its none other than charlie, weas, jamesa and ollie my homies, and they are like “yeah we saw this cloud of dust and were like wow this guys hussing and then we saw that it was a red legacy and reaslised it was mclean.” so then they pulled in front of me and began doing snakies which got me stoked, then charlie waved me forward and i continued my rally to the car park. shit was dope. went and chilled in the cafe for a while then hit the slopes with my home boy moyle jammed a few runs then met up with the pajero crew after a few more hot laps through the big park and deciding that the last jump was shit we met up with pat greene and pengelly. to everyones stoke george did gnarly stuff on the jumps he even gave josh a trick tip on how to do cork 3s “just carve and then boop” there we go short and sweet trick tips with pengell. had a few runs doing some dirt nasty tricks. hit up the cafe. hussed some more park runs on the quad. then it was time to go home. 


day 2 had to get up early again to meet weas and his mum to drop us off at mcewwings to meet josh and jackson and joshs mum for a ride. in typical jackson fashion he was late to joshs causing a chain of events to make everyone else late by the time they got to mcewwings. headed up the hill did some skiing mainly straight airs (shiftys and kosaks) on all jumps including the second that was close for some unknown reason. talked to the park crew who also thought that the 3rd jump was a piece of shit. did some more skiing. got bored and packed up. then all of a suden we had this idea that was gangsta as shit, roll rocks down the gully below the car park. that shit kept us entertained for a good twenty minutes then we decided to call it a day. allthough on the way down we saw a rock teetering on the edge of the road and had no choice but to make mich stop the car and we rolled it down the mountain side there were hoots and hollers all round. after that we couldnt look at a rock on the access road the same way again.


to sum up it was a pretty mean weekend jamed some skids, hit some jumps, few cheeky jibs aswell and then rolled rocks down the hill i guess my blog post could of just been that…

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snow park stuntin’

recently i have a a few complaints about my grammar and spelling and shit so how about all of you with a problem stop drinking that hater aid

yo so on tuesday afternoon i packed up all my shit (excluding my sleeping bag and some other important things) and headed into town to meet jackson and josh for our loose as hood nigga trip to spnz. we were also good cunts and went and picked up ollie and his mate james who were also heading down to the mighty town of wanaka. as soon as i got in the car i started making chug life and edit references in fact as of now i am banned from talking about and watching btv3 the new zealand gillahouse edition within ear shot of jackson or josh because they now have waka flocka and gucci mane stuck in their heads. when we got down to wanaka we tried to find where ollie and james were staying en route to their accomadation we passed niger street to which i decided that he was staying in the rough part of wans and proceded to sing in the ghetto. after dropping the others off we headed off to our camp ground only to find out that our cabin wasnt even 4m by 4m we were ropable. i would post a picture of how small it is in the cabin but i dont have a lens wide enough! we skiied wednesday from open to close, thursday ten til close and finally on friday i got out the camera and started taking shots.

yeah spnz is a dope place

we ran into the infamous pengelly up at spnz got the chance to get some shots with him

the realest!
george cork 3

jay mezzy getting some corkage on his 3’zzzz

george getting some more corked 3s done

no idea who this homie was but hes a muthafuckin’ gangsta

josh getting er done on da stairset

jackson sliding some metal over stairs

george having a jam aswell

the woolshed is pretty cool, its an on field restaurant and i tell ya what the wedges there a mean as and the fish and chips cant be beat

angus coming straight outa compton wit a back 5 indy

yeah i only took shots one day at snowpark so it would be hard to put a story in without more pictures but i will give a long story short snowpark is sick like kids from 3rd world countries that early bird seasons pass i got for 150 dollars probably the best 150 dollars i ever spent. i intend to work there next year and never grow up!

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powder day at mt hutt

so sunday the 24th of june i wake up and ask jonty what the report is like for hutt he replies with “25 cm of freshies bro” to which i said “fuck of cunt let me see this” he turns the laptop round for me to read the report and i see that he wasnt joking. we have a frenzy to get all of our gear on and the truck packed. we roll out via joshs of corse to pick him and his mrs, sian up. all the way to the mountains we tare into each other mainly me and sian though. she brought me down a few notches but i think i took her down more. we arrived at the road and jonty starts to play cypress hill to which his dad is stoked and starts singing. when we reached the car park patrol could be heard letting off bombs up at towers. this ment there would be mean as powder to be skied. it took a while for mt hutt to open up the summit six chair but in the mean time de-iced the base area rail and jammed on that after park crew okayed our fine job.

josh billygoated the rail as he had been there the friday before jamming on it while the rest of us were at school, tech or work
photo credit Alex Bowater

i also had a go on the rail all i managed to get on it was a front 2 out
photo credit Alex Bowater

jackson on the other hand absolutley killed it managing to get k-feds and front 4s out
photo credit Alex Bowater

after a mean session on the rail it was back to the cafe where we waited for the chair to open. eventually it did and i met up with weas jamesa and charlie again. these three big mountain rippers were off in search of some gnarly terrain, this could only mean a trip to one place, top towers. after a few runs scoping some drops we decided we could hit them or even trick them if we were game enough.

jamesa ripping a floaty 3 off a cheeky rock
photo credit Josh Moyle

weas charging off the same drop
photo credit Josh Moyle

yours truely doing some george pengelly shit and flat 3ing some rocks
photo credit Josh Moyle

charlie droping of the bigger rocks above. with the rest of the crew getting buck on the take off
Photo credit Josh Moyle

kenji deciding that if mclean can do it anyone can allthough he was more graceful in the air he just couldnt stomp it and had to eat his words
Photo credit Josh Moyle

wease boosting a 3 and nearly hitting the josh
Photo credit Josh Moyle

jack getting the grab on his 3
photo credit Josh Moyle

and jamesa thuggin out his
photo credit Josh Moyle

all up mean sessions were had and the day left all the boys stoking for more skiing the next time

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wednesday of snow

after a long off season filled with all sorts of antics winter has finally arrived. i took advantage of this first storm by telling my parents that i was going to school while i went to pick up charlie, wease and jamesa we loaded up the legacy, called in sick to school and headed off to the high country.

after driving all the way to the cross roads that go to either coalgate, coleridge or rakaia gorge i let charlie have a drive and we continued out towards his batch at coleridge.

upon arrival it really hit us with how much snow there was

jamesa was so stoked he jumped for joy

the legacy was in her element but had no idea what was about to happen next

we went inside and disgusted what we were going to do, after coming to the conclusion that it wouldnt be smart to take the gravel back roads to castle hill in the snow we decided that tow skiing would be a great idea.
we tow skied for a while but then that got boring so the legacy got its chance to make fresh tracks in the untouched powder

we got it stuck more than once

especially when we got onto the tennis court all the wheels would do is spin. it took us a good half hour to get the car unstuck. then we tow skied back to the batch. only to see that the snow had doubled in depth on the picnic table

good 50 cm of fresh

charlie threw up gang signs to let the locals know who was boss

just to give you an idea how deep it really was

we had a feed and then locked up the batch.

we were heading home but the fun was far from over

we couldnt resist driving full speed into a snowbank

the suby wanted more

the old girl is just like a coke feen with white powder all over her nose

wease stunted a little

then i stunted some more

this was our view as we departed

all up we were all pretty stoked with our day and to top it all off we went and hit the hoyts rail with jacksons winch with moyle, bowie, jackson and angus.

as a consequence for not telling my parents where i went all day and having them find out my keys were taken off me

also made the news that night

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